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How to Spend Your $8000 Bitcoins on Black Friday Deals

How to Spend Your $8000 Bitcoins on Black Friday Deals

We’re done giving thanks, and now it’s time for the second-most important tradition of the week: Black Friday. With one bitcoin currently around $8,280 USD, BTC holders in November 2017 are in a better position than ever before. But where to spend it — and on something useful?

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Everything from crypto-inspired art to wallets and VPNs are currently on sale at various sites. Fortunately, has put it all in an organized fashion to browse through.

The site also notes some hefty discounts that sellers are offering to bitcoin spenders, which can range from 10-60 percent on certain items.

Thanks to bitcoin, the internet, and U.S. cultural hegemony, Black Friday these days isn’t an American-only thing. Wherever you live in the world, there are probably deals to interest you.

Black Friday Bitcoin Deals We Like

Here’s a few that stood out for us (note that many are only available for a limited time over the holiday period):

PrivateInternetAccess logoThose needing a VPN can get one for 62 percent off from Private Internet Access. This is especially needed for privacy and security against threats in this day and age. A yearly plan costs less than $3 a month. Two separate plans, monthly and semi-annually, average around $5 per month. The price is $6.95 without this deal.

Next up is 50 percent off a web hosting plan, with a domain name. Not only that, but is offering the same coupon for dedicated servers and VPS hosting.

Trade It, Track It, Wear It

With the price of crypto-currency always changing and growing, it’d be nice to have a way to keep track of trades that doesn’t involve an Excel spreadsheet. With, you can. They’re offering a 10 percent discount on upgrades to a paid account for a short time only.

Services at the Unlimited level include unlimited tracking of trades, unlimited amounts of wallets, and more trade backups. The Unlimited upgrade can be bought for 0.04 BTC for one year or 0.05 BTC for two, however, for 0.37 BTC you can get the service for a lifetime, which is normally 0.57 BTC.

Head over to if you’re looking for some nice bitcoin swag for yourself or a holiday present. They are offering a 10 percent discount on all their products and they accept many different altcoins along with bitcoin. Mugs, T-Shirts, sweaters, pillows, etc.

Bitcoin HODL shirt
HODL – Just not this week – from

Wallets to Keep Your Remaining Bitcoin Safe

Wallets are nice — and we don’t mean that ones used to carry fiat currency. Crypto Asylum is offering a 20 percent discount on total orders made between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Keep your altcoins safe and secured with a Trezor, Ledger or Digital Bitbox wallet from Crypto Asylum at a reduced price.

Ledger itself is also offering 21 percent off its Nano S hardware wallets, if you’d rather buy direct.

Some of these deals are for a very short time, so be sure to browse and buy at discounted prices. There are lots of products and services offered, be sure to jump at the chance now while the offers still stand.

Since this is the time all of us are looking for deals, it’s good to have everything in a neat organized site to browse through the various categories.

Have you spent any BTC this Black Friday? What would tempt you to? Let’s hear your thoughts.

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