StatX: Telegram for ICOs Announces Partnership with Leading Cryptocurrencies

StatX: Telegram for ICOs Announces Partnership with Leading Cryptocurrencies

For cryptocurrency startups, there’s probably nothing more important than community outreach and engagement as it is their best means of promoting brand awareness. This is especially true for projects with limited resources that need a cheap way to market their solution.

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Investors, on the other hand, want a reliable source of information about a crypto startup that is also easily accessible and gets straight to the point — separating the background noise from useful information .

StatX: Satisfying the Need for Streamlined Information

StatX, a Telegram-like chat application, wants to be a solution to both needs simultaneously as it is intending to function as a cheap way to market for startups and a reliable, streamlined source of information for investors.

The team behind StatX has developed what they call an “information-centric” application, a focal point they emphasize to differentiate it from Telegram — which they consider to be “conversation-centric.”

As a result, people can expect a user-friendly interface with a simple and easy-to-navigate dashboard that StatX claims will be aesthetically pleasing to boot. It will be through this dashboard that users will be able to find up-to-date financial information and other metrics.

Metrics that include things like market cap, price, token distribution, social reach, and product roadmap milestones. StatX will also provide users with additional information on things like bounty programs and token airdrops, if available.

Additionally, just like Telegram, the application includes a full-featured chat for people to talk to one another in real-time. This feature is just a tap away, and is designed in such a way that will ensure more high quality discussions and questions as general FAQ-type questions will be answered in the dashboard.

StatX Onboards Leading Blockchain-based Companies

StatX has already seen strong adoption among those in the cryptocurrency community, thereby demonstrating a demand for such a solution. Indeed, some big-named cryptocurrency brands have already gotten onboard and joined the application.

Leading cryptocurrencies such as Decred, Zcoin and others have chosen StatX to share information and facilitate messaging and improve community outreach because of its ability to streamline information provision .

Prasad Raje, StatX co-founder and CEO offered some commentary on StatX and it’s growing network — saying that their approach seems to work given the success it has had in attracting top crypto startups:

“Our secret sauce is the unique way StatX combines information and conversation to drive a higher quality and higher value user experience. It’s gratifying to see that our approach has been validated in the marketplace by a growing number of crypto industry innovators such as Boosto, Decred, Foleum, MediBloc, ZCoin and many others.”

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