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Steve Wozniak: I Want Bitcoin to Succeed, It Is ‘Natural’

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has once again weighed in with support of bitcoin, heralding that the world’s first cryptocurrency could supplant fiat currencies to one day serve as a single global currency. Wozniak has been impressed at how “mathematically defined” the OG crypto is, giving it a moniker of “pure digital gold.” Despite being a bitcoin proponent, though, Woz has refrained from heavily investing in the asset.

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Wozniak: ‘I Want’ Bitcoin to Win

On the sidelines of the Money20/20 conference in Amsterdam, Wozniak gave his most supportive remarks of bitcoin yet, sending yet another shot across the bow that the mainstream worlds of finance and tech will be hard-pressed to ignore.

There, the former Apple computer wiz expressed his agreement with Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey’s March 2018 comments that bitcoin (BTC) may be the universal currency of choice on the international stage within ten years.

Woz noted:

“I buy into what Jack Dorsey says, not that I necessarily believe it’s going to happen, but because I want it to be that way, that is so pure thinking.”

It’s certainly not a surprising sentiment coming from a technical aficionado like Wozniak. He admires bitcoin for the definiteness of its math-based system — it’s a definiteness that’s not possible with traditional commodities like gold, much less the ever-slippery and complex social arenas that are the wellspring of fiat currencies.

digital gold Wozniak

Bitcoin, the granddaddy of all cryptocurrencies, is wholly decentralized, making it different in kind from most crypto projects that have centralized foundations or similar top-down bodies backing them — say Ripple or Ethereum, for example.

Bitcoin is not run by a single entity and relies on the consensus of its network participants. It is this uniqueness that’s clearly won Wozniak over.

Emphasizing Bitcoin’s Naturalness

Woz sees in bitcoin less the hand of man than the hand of nature. In his latest Money 20/20 comments, he argued the decentralized nature of bitcoin is an indication that it is “natural” and “nature is more important than all our human conventions.”

He also went on to re-emphasize bitcoin’s conventional description of being “digital gold” and of its uniqueness among digital currencies:

“Only bitcoin is pure digital gold […] I totally buy into that. All the others tend to give up some of the aspects of bitcoin. For example, being totally decentralized and having no central control. That’s the first one they have to give up to try to have a business model.”

Woz has sold what bitcoin he once had, he later explained, deciding to keep one single bitcoin as a fan of its mission. But he’s got other projects he’s intrigued in, too. A few weeks ago, Woz made a bullish prediction that the Ethereum project could be the next Apple.

As such, he also clarified at Money 20/20 that he’s holding two ether to dip his toes into the tech.

Will Wozniak be able to convince newbies to get into the bitcoin scene? Share your views in the comments section.

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