SUP-X 2018 Startup Pitch Competition: Fortr3ss Have a Go at Blockchain

SUP-X 2018 Startup Pitch Competition: Fortr3ss Have a Go at Blockchain

SUP-X is a conference that is focused on the needs and interests of the startup community. One of the features of the conference is its startup pitch competition. A panel of judges votes on pitches, with entrants having a chance to win thousands of dollars in cash and prizes. In this year’s competition, one of the contestants — and the last to present — In this year’s competition, one of the contestants was Fortr3ss, who brought forth a blockchain biometric system aimed at securing smart contracts.

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Fortr3ss began their pitch with the founder’s son giving a very cute, albeit silly, explanation of what blockchain is. The crypto-kid shared his newfound realization: the blockchain is like the health point value of a player in the video game Fortnite. Of course, that’s not what blockchain is.

With that icebreaker completed, the microphone was then passed to his father, Alessandro Chiarini, the founder and CEO of Fortr3ss.

What Is Fortr3ss, and What Does It Do?

Fortr3ss is a blockchain-based password and digital identity management system.

The play’s tech is primarily aimed at enterprise-level systems. It uses biometric features to identify authorized users and maintain security. Quite a few problems with biometric systems were identified in the presentation. Primarily the biggest problems were environmental factors, such as heat, brightness, and sweaty or wet fingers. Fortr3ss solves these issues by primarily relying on voiceprint, although they still support other less secure biometric identifiers such as fingerprints, handprints, retinal scans, and facial recognition.

Will the marriage of blockchain and biometrics tech sink or swim?

Alessandro asserted that Fortr3ss serves multiple market segments. These include AI, chatbots, various mobile apps that require secure login, healthcare applications, and government agencies. He claimed they could serve these markets and differentiate themselves from the competition by being smaller, faster, and by having greater compatibility with more mobile devices.

What Are the New Fortr3ss Products?

The presentation also briefly discussed Fortr3ss’s new product offerings for 2018.

These new products are heavily aimed at integration with blockchain applications. The main platform of Fortr3ss’s new technology is voice-based biometric identity verification of users on different blockchain platforms. Alessandro said that this could be especially important in the implementation of smart contracts and that Fortr3ss planned to offer smart contract identity management support for Hyperledger and Ethereum blockchain platforms. Alessandro also said they would be releasing a “Blockchain Masterkey” as well as a platform that will help users manage and secure aspects of their sovereign identity.

Unfortunately for Fortr3ss, their presentation was not noteworthy enough to win them the top prize. That honor went to the first presenting company, Xendoo, a cloud-based accounting services platform.

Even still, it seems likely that the number of blockchain contenders will increase during next year’s panel.

What do you think about biometric identity? Is it the future? What relevance does it have to distributed ledger technology? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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