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Update: Possible Scam: Interview: Syan Technologies CTO Koji Tanaka on Their Cool New 14nm Bitcoin ASIC

Update: Possible Scam: Interview: Syan Technologies CTO Koji Tanaka on Their Cool New 14nm Bitcoin ASIC

Update 1/5/2018:

Syan Technologies website is gone having been replaced with a msg the account was suspended. We will keep you posted with an updated article ASAP as we find out more. This looks like an elaborate scam. We have contacted the Al Zahrani GROUP who is reportedly the parent company for information.



At Bitsonline we are always looking at new companies entering the Bitcoin industry. Recently we found a new Bitcoin ASIC miner manufacturer entering the market: Syan Technologies. As we were going through our research process we reached out to Syan get more information, who were responsive to our inquires and allowed us to interview their CTO, Koji Tanaka. During our research, we found they’re producing a 14nm ASIC. The Syan Vega Bitcoin miner will run at 13.5 TH/s at 1050, and is liquid cooled. Tanaka gave us more information and some company background. 

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Building Mining Hardware With Syan Technologies

B: Syan Technologies is a new mining hardware company, what drew you to designing a Bitcoin ASIC?

Koji: Our parent company, the Zahrani Group of Dubai, have been watching the cryptocurrency markets with interest for a number of years and had taken the view that decentralized, peer-to-peer transactions are the future of finance and funding. We were initially intent upon getting involved in mining at the farm level but were disappointed with availability and potential delays in deliveries for machines on the market. The idea was born that we should design and build our own machines, so Syan Technologies was formed to this end. We were under no illusions regarding the size of the task ahead, but with the patience and the financial support from Zahrani we’ve overcome all of the hurdles that have appeared in our way so far, and have finally got to the stage where the first fruits of our labors are in sight. These are very exciting times at Syan Technologies.

Syan TechnologiesB: The team is made up of members from around the world. How did you come together to form Syan? Could you tell us about the team?

Koji: I was originally tasked with the job of forming Syan Technologies and sourcing the right team for the job ahead. Back in 2015 with this in mind I set about the task of expanding my networks and basically, seeking out and headhunting the right personnel from the industry. Whilst at IC China Expo in Shanghai, I found our two department heads; Nguyen Bao, ex M.I.T. who was at the time contracted to one of the Samsung R&D departments, and Peter Sokolov, ex Imperial College, London, then a freelance engineer and programmer having worked for a number of leading manufacturers and design teams. Both have populated their own departments at their own discretion, each working in parallel with the other on different aspects of chip development and machine design.

Syan Vega Bitcoin miner B: The Vega ASIC is being manufactured at 14nm. What were some of the challenges of crafting an ASIC at this size?

Koji: The challenges we faced are many, and it would need a complete paper to address all of these! We would say that the main challenge at 14nm is scaling, actually the lack of resulting in increased leakage of transistors. With the deployment of multi-gate 3-D FinFETs we managed to reduce this leakage which was the last major obstacle in working towards our tapeout. Of course, our design can still be improved and we expect future generations of our machines to become even better as we integrate improvements.

B: The Vega’s software is supposed to do auto-switching to mine the most profitable coin. Does this mean that the user sets up several coins for the software to auto switch to — or does the Vega mine to an auto-switching mining pool similar to NiceHash?

Koji: No, it is not switching by mining to an auto-switching pool. This happens on the unit itself and is triggered by a profit ratio threshold defined by the user. This feature is optional. Our aim in the creation of this feature was to allow users to benefit from oscillations in mining difficulty across the different chains. However, the current software version only supports switching between BTC and BCH, although we are working on adding other SHA-256 coins during future updates.

B: Syan went with liquid cooling for the Vega along with a compact form factor and 190 chips. The waterblock, pump and radiator design process must have been difficult. Could you tell us about how it was designed and what the user can expect in terms of heat dissipation and noise?

Koji: Reducing operational temperatures through the use of liquid cooling is a unique feature we find to be highly innovative and offers us an edge on the miners being sold by our competitors. It is vital in allowing us to leverage gains in the efficiency of our units. Until we have shipped batch one, we are unable to release any further information on the technicalities of our proprietary liquid cooling system.

B: What things would you like to tell us about Syan Technologies that we have not touched on yet?

Koji: There’s not a lot more to be said really. We’re a small but dedicated team and our whole focus is on succeeding in the task we have been set. I believe we will do that and more.

LitecoinB:Will Syan be making ASICs for other algorithms like Scrypt or X11, to mine Litecoin or DASH?

Koji: Yes. We already have a plan in place for a Vega Litecoin mining machine incorporating a SCRYPT ASIC and are still in development, though our current focus is obviously on getting our Bitcoin machine to market. There will undoubtedly be more machines to come in, and after, the Vega series.

B: Any closing thoughts about Syan that you would like to share with the readers?

Koji: Just to say that we are extremely proud of what we are achieving, and I am extremely proud of the team we have and of everything they do. We aim to be a, if not the, major player in the ASIC mining sector in the future, and I firmly believe we can achieve anything we set out to achieve. Cryptocurrency is the future and so is Syan Technologies.

Thank you Koji for the opportunity to interview you, and Clive from Syan Technologies for helping us set it up.

New Companies Will Expand Mining Hardware Options

Syan Technologies is entering the market at a time when the global Bitcoin hash rate is increasing at a fast pace. Powerful, efficient miners are now being used for longer periods of time making it paramount they last much longer. Syan with their water cooled units and design should allow the units to operate longer and stay cooler.

Their international team draws from a wide range of talent, which is also a great benefit not only in designing the chips and units, but also in being able to bring them to market. We will work to do a review as soon as possible, to bring you hands-on results from our testing and images.

Syan Technologies is a welcome addition to the industry. Companies from Japan as well as the U.S. bringing new ASICs to the market will further expand the many options available for mining hardware. Current mining manufacturers are also nearing launch of their new hardware as well. It is going to be another exciting few months of launches.

What are your thoughts on new manufacturers entering the industry? Let us know in the comments.

Images via Syan Technologies

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