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October 12, 2018 by William Peaster 0 Comment
Systems A-Go: 0x’s ZRX Now Live on Coinbase Pro

Making good on an announcement made one day prior, Coinbase Pro has listed three new ZRX-based trading pairs today, October...

September 24, 2018 by William Peaster 0 Comment
a16z’s Crypto Fund Buys Up 6 Percent of MakerDAO’s MKR, Will Support

The crypto arm of venture firm Andreessen Horowitz, a16zcrypto, have announced their purchase of six percent of the total supply...

September 4, 2018 by William Peaster 0 Comment
Toward Accounts: ShapeShift Announces ‘ShapeShift Membership,’ FOX Token

Today, September 4th, account-less cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift announced its new tiered-membership system called ShapeShift Membership. The loyalty program is in...

April 5, 2018 by Robert DeVoe 0 Comment
‘Google Was Always Kind of Evil’ – Interview with CEO Bill Ottman

A new free speech-focused social media site,, just recently entered the test phase for the use of their new...

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