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January 26, 2019 by Jon Southurst 0 Comment
Planet Digital Partners Brings Gaming Industry Heavyweights Together

"We think blockchain could be more compelling within the video game space by adding more creativity, more interactivity," says Kelly...

January 6, 2019 by William Peaster 0 Comment
Trying to Buy Fortnite Merch with Monero? Not So Fast!

This week, Monero gained some buzz as it appeared the privacy coin had been chosen as the select cryptocurrency payment...

April 24, 2018 by Reed Schlesinger 0 Comment
Game Developers Combine Blockchain and AI to Unleash Micro-payments

In one of the fastest growing segments of the entertainment industry, mobile game developers are working to build a transparent...

February 2, 2018 by Jon Southurst 0 Comment
I’m Just a Simple Blockchain Farmer, Tending to My Bitcorn Crops

Who remembers Farmville? You know, that addictive but useless Facebook game where you spent time and money tending your crops...

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