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December 16, 2017 by Jon Southurst 18 Comments
Interview: As Dash Cracks $1000, We Ask: What’s the Appeal?

You could have picked up one DASH for around $15 USD in January 2017 -- but today, a single unit...

November 14, 2017 by Jon Southurst 0 Comment
Zcoin Introduces ‘Znode’ Masternode System and New Reward Model

Privacy coin Zcoin has announced specifications for its new "incentivized nodes" system to help secure its blockchain. Similar to DASH's...

November 10, 2017 by Robert DeVoe 45 Comments
I’ll Show You How On-Chain Scaling Can Work, Says Dash Founder

Evan Duffield, founder of cryptocurrency Dash and the man behind Dash Labs, explained this week how his project aims to solve...

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