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December 28, 2018 by Paul de Havilland 0 Comment
The Three Watershed Moments in Crypto in 2018–And No, They’re Not What You Might Think

2018 was a hellish ride for crypto, but it did see three watershed moments. After the jubilation and talk of...

October 27, 2018 by Robert DeVoe 0 Comment
Al Kelly: Crypto Is No Threat to Visa… Yet

Crypto Is No Threat to Visa... Yet. At least that's according to the payment giant's CEO Al Kelly. But does Visa...

October 13, 2018 by Paul de Havilland 0 Comment
The XPhone Has Landed! Pundi X CEO Displays Working Prototype of Much-Heralded Blockchain Phone

Pundi X has released a prototype of the XPhone, a blockchain-powered mobile phone. With the development of the XPhone, the...

October 8, 2018 by Akshay Makadiya 0 Comment
Dubai Eyes POS Devices for State-Backed Crypto emCash

Spending cryptocurrencies on everyday purchases is still an evolving dynamic all across the world, but a new initiative in the...

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