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August 12, 2018 by Todd Byrne 0 Comment
Has Bitmain Been Selling off BTC for BCH Prior to IPO?

Newly publicized documentation relating to Bitmain’s rumored upcoming IPO claims to show the company has sold off a large portion...

November 16, 2017 by William Peaster 27 Comments
Trading Blows: Bitcoin Tops $7.5k, Bitcoin Cash Tests $1k

In a major reversal from Bitcoin Cash's all-time price high performance last Sunday, November 12th, it's the 8MB chain whose...

November 4, 2017 by Jon Southurst 117 Comments
What Is ‘The Flippening’ to Bitcoin Cash and Is It Actually Possible?

With the SegWit2x fork looking increasingly dead on arrival, attention is turning to something called "The Flippening". Could the real...

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