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February 6, 2019 by Jon Southurst 0 Comment
NIRP, NIRP: The Negative Interest Rate Meme Just Won’t Go Away

After a period of silence, policymakers are again raising the issue (or specter) of negative interest rates. The concept, officially...

September 19, 2018 by Akshay Makadiya 0 Comment
US Should Launch a National Cryptocurrency, Says Economist Campbell Harvey

Campbell Harvey, professor of international business at Duke University, has said a government-backed cryptocurrency is the most promising solution to...

September 26, 2017 by Jon Southurst 9 Comments
Puerto Rico Suffers Physical Cash Shortage After Power Grid Destroyed

Here's a twist on the "War on Cash" that better reflects economic and natural reality: Puerto Rico is desperate for...

August 16, 2017 by Jon Southurst 0 Comment
Once All Cash Is Digital, Expect Negative Interest Rates

Imagine if the money in your savings account actually decreased, the longer you kept it there. And you can't withdraw...

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