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November 22, 2018 by Akshay Makadiya 0 Comment
TransferWise CEO Taavet Hinrikus Underestimates Blockchain Technology

Global money transfer service provider TransferWise CEO Taavet Hinrikus believes that its prevailing cross-border payments system is far more efficient...

October 3, 2018 by Paul de Havilland 0 Comment
XRP Deflates, Bill Clinton Digresses During Ripple Swell

Despite the high-profile Ripple Swell conference and the announcement xRapid had gone live, Ripple Labs’ XRP plummeted by double-digits in...

September 28, 2018 by Paul de Havilland 0 Comment
‘XRP is Bitcoin 2.0’ According to Cory Johnson

Ripple may be causing waves in the industry with the impending launch of xRapid, but Cory Johnson’s “XRP is bitcoin...

September 21, 2018 by Akshay Makadiya 0 Comment
XRP Surges, Edges Past Ethereum as 2nd Biggest Crypto by Market Cap

Ripple’s XRP registered a +70 percent surge in its value on the day, edging past Ethereum as the second biggest...

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