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What Makes TAP Coin A Promising Product For Advertising?

It is a fact that we are moving into a cashless world. The allure of mobile payments is becoming ever more tempting as the benefits compound. By 2021 mobile payments are predicted to reach $282 billion in America alone. The difficulties of payment and splitting bills is becoming a thing of the past and the future is as simple as tap and go. Along with these benefits comes a new advertising landscape.

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Although we continue to sing the praises of mobile payments, there are still concerns, the most pressing being; if we move away completely from cash, and all our transactions are recorded, won’t there be an increased chance of fraud? This is indeed a relevant question. Hooch, an app that utilizes a decentralized ad network, gives us an idea of just what is possible, aiming to not only satisfy users, but also to help neutralize the threat of fraud through increased security and efficiency by employing blockchain solutions and their cryptocurrency, TAP Coin.

When once the humble loyalty card built up a relationship between business and consumer, offering mutual benefits, decentralized advertising networks now provide a platform for deeper engagement and better rewards.

But that’s not all, users of this app can also pay and receive rewards using traditional fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies. Interested? Let’s learn a bit more about Hooch, TAP Coin and decentralized ad networks.

TAP Coin

TAP Coin is a cryptocurrency that was created by Lin Dai, the founder of Hooch, utilizing the blockchain network. This wasn’t just another cryptocurrency invented to capitalize on the cryptocurrency fervor and make a quick buck. It was, and continues to be used an integral part of the Hooch service and its ambition to reward users for getting about town and visiting restaurants, bars, clubs and other establishments partnered with the Hooch program. Now with over 100,000 partnered locations around the world and more than 200,000 users, people can curate their entire night, whether it be at a bar, restaurant, hotel, club or special event. Users can book, organize and pay, using one app. Any payment gives the customer 5-10% back in TAP Coin. This cryptocurrency is accrued and can be used to obtain discounts at the point of sale. As the demand for the app grew and another platform, Hooch Black, was added, we see the effectiveness and demand for such an idea.

Decentralised ad networks bring benefits including security, transparency and customisation to the advertising process. Compared to traditional ad networks there really is no comparison. The antiquated advertising world is based on throwing things at the wall and hoping something sticks. This involves “interrupting” a user’s experience when interacting with an app, website or other media to present an often unwanted message that may only be vaguely specific to the user.

Think how much more receptive a user would be when they are in a good mood, are seeing personalized advertisements that are actually relevant to their needs and wants, and get rewarded for interacting with these promotions. People are naturally becoming educated in what their data is worth and at want to feel some control over what is shared online.  TAP Coin is addressing this challenge head on, building brand engagement, while giving their users control over what kind of data is given and to whom.

Through the Hooch & Hooch Black apps, users can choose to put their data to work for them. This isn’t like what we see with other websites, where data can be harvested and sold to a host of other parties without your consent. It is sent to a particular advertising platform you have consented to working with via blockchain technology. It is decentralized, meaning there is no single repository than can be hacked into and information stolen, making it much harder for people to fraudulently obtain and use your personal information. Furthermore, through the use of smart contracts, which are traceable, transparent and irreversible, you are able to see the terms of your agreement with an advertiser. If a brand promises a certain price or reward, it is plain for all to see in the smart contract, accessible by you at any time.

In a world where the attention of millennials has never been so divided this approach is needed more than ever. We spend more than 12 hours a day consuming different media, meaning the opportunity for advertisers is immense. However, our attention is divided as we often multitask. For example we may watch movies at the same time as chatting to our friends on social media or playing games on our phones. Simple ad fatigue may also be a problem as we see more, but register less. Low engagement is just one more problem that is cleverly tackled through the TAP Coin system.

Having created a personal relationship with the consumer and offering rewards for simply viewing promotions that they have already signaled they are interested in, advertisers can go on to create so called levels of advertising. Here, a user can choose to opt-in to receive something, watch a quick clip or even play a “game” connected with the product they are interested in. This greater engagement is then rewarded with TAP Coin.

The genie is out of the bottle with this one. More and more people realise they can effectively and safely use their data, while advertisers can offer targeted promotions, economizing time and money. Furthermore, payment on the consumer side is simpler. Through the Hooch & Hooch Black apps, customers can use TAP Coin, Ethereum or traditional fiat currencies to buy products or participate in the “experience economy”. Being able to effortlessly use the most convenient currency for you is definitely welcome news, especially for travelers, where conversions, transfer speeds and commission can bring endless headaches. With TAP Coin, not only is time and energy saved, cryptocurrency is brought into the mainstream, allowing people, even those who have never been part of the crypto world, to use it just as easily as they would use fiat currencies. What’s not to like?

If you are an entrepreneur, investor or tech whizz, you may be interested in Advertising Week. This is a yearly event that celebrates the best ideas from the advertising world. To reflect the importance of blockchain technology and its potential in this sphere, Ad Week will be dedicating an entire day to this cutting-edge topic. Lin Dai, the CEO of TAP Coin/Hooch along with Jordan French will be there to educate people on the benefits of decentralized advertising. What’s more, get ready to meet Matthew William Sorum, an cult American drummer and percussionist who is also a member of the hard rock band Guns N’ Roses.

As TAP Coin, Hooch and blockchain technologies are evolving so rapidly, it is often difficult to keep up to date with all the latest news. Luckily, everything important you need to know is all in the one place. Subscribe to Hooch’s telegram channel and stay in the loop!

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