Popular Telegram Channel Author Dumps TON Wallet Interface on YouTube

Popular Telegram Channel Author Dumps TON Wallet Interface on YouTube

A number of crypto outlets in the Russian-language sectors of the Web have published several articles and comments about a YouTube video purportedly showing what can be identified as the new Telegram Wallet interface. We have to admit it looks cool — though as yet, Telegram has not confirmed the video is authentic.

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Pavel Durov Never Sleeps – Just Like Moscow

According to our previous report, Telegram founder Pavel Durov wants to show his product to the public in the first half of 2019. Unfortunately, some people may have already done that by creating an anonymous YouTube channel called “Crypto Pro”. The channel contains only one video, and has attracted just six subscribers so far. Here’s the video in question:

Russian news outlet Kommersant says this video is merely somebody’s fantasy regarding how the Telegram Wallet for GRAM token may look in the future. However, the video contains some hidden signs that usually appear within Durov’s showcases and promotion materials. These include, for example, the chat with Tyrion Lannister on the screenshots from iOS/Android application pages.

Durov’s team has a longtime habit of dropping information onto the public without direct linking it to official channels. This time, it appears they decided that Marat Kharrasov, author of the analytics channel with over 4,000 subscribers, was the ideal person for the subtle task.

What The Video Shows?

According to the video, users have to scan a special QR-code within an app on their desktop to access a special part of the app devoted to payments in GRAM, as well as some other features like the built-in casual games and apps library.

Popular Telegram Channel Author Dumps TON Interface on YouTube

As we can see, the library contain free games, while Classic Pong can be bought for 1 gram. In the same time, Quantum Go is available for 19 gram, and the mysterious YouTuber hits the BUY button to proceed to the confirmation page.

Popular Telegram Channel Author Dumps TON Interface on YouTube

That page contains information about his account (username and real name), physical address (which can be linked and verified via the Telegram Passport technology Durov announced a while ago), and e-mail/phone number in the “contact” field.

Popular Telegram Channel Author Dumps TON Interface on YouTube

After a few seconds, the pop-up named ‘Telegram Wallet’ shows that a transaction of 19 gram to the game developer (featured as @marat) has been sent.

Popular Telegram Channel Author Dumps TON Interface on YouTube

After buying a game, video author proceeds to the “Digital Fortress” channel where some people perform a livestream from a street where a public meeting is occurring. In the bottom right hand corner we can spot a GRAM icon, which can be pressed to send some tokens to the streamer as an act of patronage. Users can set the donation amount, add a private comment for the receiving party, as well as choose between sending the amount of gram calculated in rubles, dollars, bitcoin or any other currency that can be easily set from the settings menu.

100 Grams of Vodka to Support Scared Street Streamers

Yeah, Russians love drinking vodka, and following Durov’s habit of lashing his former paisanos‘ foibles as well as including covert easter eggs in his “unofficial” promos, Marat picks to donate 100 gram to the assumptive streamer and adds a very old Russian saying to the private comment field: “Сто грамм для храбрости!”. This means “100 grams of vodka to be brave!”. After the donation is sent, it appears at the screen bottom and is visible only to the sender and the receiver.

Bitsonline has contacted the author of the channel featured in the video. He only asked which newspaper is interested in asking him a few questions, and after receiving a link he said he couldn’t help out with the publication you’re reading. Fake or not? You decide.

What do you think about Telegram’s possible features not shown in this video? Is it real, or is Marat trying to attract new followers to his freshly baked YouTube channel? Let us know in the comments.

Images by Jeff Fawkes, KramolaInfo, YouTube, Pixabay

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