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TNABC Miami 2018 Video Report: Tracking Fine Art Ownership on Codex, With Jess Houlgrave

TNABC Miami 2018 Video Report: Tracking Fine Art Ownership on Codex, With Jess Houlgrave

Blockchain technology is establishing itself as a more secure form of database for tracking asset ownership between unconnected parties. But how do you tie physical assets with a digital record? Is that possible without involving human law? Bitsonline spoke to Jess Houlgrave, COO of the Codex Protocol. The former private equity investor and Sotheby’s client liaison described Codex as “a title registry and store of provenance information for art and collectibles” — which includes items like wine, jewelry and classic cars as well as fine art.

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Codex Protocol Records Provenance of Art, Collectibles

Jess Houlgrave has utilized her unique background in fine art and collectables, investment, and blockchain technology — all of which formed the research basis for her Masters thesis in economics.

Among other things, Houlgrave discusses ways to actually integrate physical assets into a digital blockchain record, including embedded RFID tags and even synthetic DNA. However Codex is concerned with integrating with whatever identifier its clients use. It’s releasing an app on the protocol layer called Biddable, allowing auction participants to bid anonymously for items.

How does it all work? Watch the whole interview above.

Growth of the North American Bitcoin Conference

North American Bitcoin Conference TNABC logoThe North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) is regarded as the original major Bitcoin event in the USA, and possibly the world. Held annually in Miami every January since 2013, it staked that city’s claim as Bitcoin’s fun and business capital — growing from a few hundred bitcoin enthusiasts into a gathering of thousands, including several high-profile industry leaders. It’s a must-attend event on the blockchain calendar.

Produced by Dr. Moe Levin’s Keynote Events team, it now covers all disruptive blockchain technology issues — including smart contracts, ICOs, fintech, regulation and investment. TNABC also has international sister events, such as World Blockchain Forum in London.

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