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TNABC Miami 2018: Taking on Amazon AWS with Gregory Gopman of Photon Network

TNABC Miami 2018: Taking on Amazon AWS with Gregory Gopman of Photon Network

“We’re building a decentralized cloud of cloud providers,” a compete computing infrastructure that competes with Amazon AWS, says Gregory Gopman of Photon Network. Speaking to Bitsonline in Miami, he told us how a blockchain startup could form a network of all the available cloud providers out there and take on the Amazon “behemoth” at half the cost.

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Can Photon Use Blockchain to Build a More Efficient AWS?

Cloud infrastructure is a $247 billion USD industry with huge margins, Gopman said, and it’s dominated by one company providing the full package. Photon’s proposition is to draw together the under-utilized parts of all other disparate cloud services out there and make them available on one network.

Latency is the enemy of infrastructure services, and finding those closest to the users makes all the difference to the experience, Gopman said. Part of Photon’s plan is to find these optimal local providers, but use blockchain technology to create something that’s enterprise-grade and reliable.

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Growth of the North American Bitcoin Conference

North American Bitcoin Conference TNABC logoThe North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) is regarded as the original major Bitcoin event in the USA, and possibly the world. Held annually in Miami every January since 2013, it staked that city’s claim as Bitcoin’s fun and business capital — growing from a few hundred bitcoin enthusiasts into a gathering of thousands, including several high-profile industry leaders. It’s a must-attend event on the blockchain calendar.

Produced by Dr. Moe Levin’s Keynote Events team, it now covers all disruptive blockchain technology issues — including smart contracts, ICOs, fintech, regulation and investment. TNABC also has international sister events, such as World Blockchain Forum in London.

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