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TNABC Miami 2018: Talking Blockchain-Backed Loans With SALT Co-Founder Caleb Slade

TNABC Miami 2018: Talking Blockchain-Backed Loans With SALT Co-Founder Caleb Slade

Membership-based SALT is one of the first movers in the cryptocurrency-backed lending space, and Bitsonline had the great fortune of meeting up with co-founder Caleb Slade at this year’s TNABC. Slade told us all about SALT and what he thought about his first North American Bitcoin Conference.

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SALT: Securing Cash Loans with Crypto

With Caleb Slade being the co-founder and community director of SALT, there’s no one better to walk us through the possibilities of this blockchain-backed lending platform than him.

Slade explained to us:

“SALT … lets its members borrow cash — deposited straight into their bank account — using their bitcoin, ethereum, and other blockchain assets as collateral to secure their loan. So, let’s say you have $100,000 dollars in bitcoin, and you need some cash … you can use it as collateral for a cash loan through SALT from our network of lenders.”

Sounds like something you’d try? Find out more in the whole interview above.

Growth of the North American Bitcoin Conference

North American Bitcoin Conference TNABC logoThe North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) is regarded as the original major Bitcoin event in the USA, and possibly the world. Held annually in Miami every January since 2013, it staked that city’s claim as Bitcoin’s fun and business capital — growing from a few hundred bitcoin enthusiasts into a gathering of thousands, including several high-profile industry leaders. It’s a must-attend event on the blockchain calendar.

Produced by Dr. Moe Levin’s Keynote Events team, it now covers all disruptive blockchain technology issues — including smart contracts, ICOs, fintech, regulation and investment. TNABC also has international sister events, such as World Blockchain Forum in London.

Did you attend TNABC? Would you like to? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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