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The Top Five Ways to Use Bitcoin for Mother’s Day

Bitcoin is now well over $1800 USD. Coincidentally, it’s Mother’s Day in the United States this Sunday, 14th May. How could you spend some of that easily-gotten wealth to buy something special? Here’s our top five suggestions.

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Not every retailer accepts bitcoin yet. In fact, only a small percentage of enthusiasts and visionaries actually do. It’s their loss. But until more accept the reality and advantages of cryptocurrency, you’ll need to work around them somehow. Luckily, these days it’s not difficult.

Cards, Cards and Codes for Mother’s Day

We have one word for you: cards. Gift cards, debit cards; there are plenty of options. Middlemen they may be, but that doesn’t mean you’re wasting money. Most of these services offer convenience and advantages beyond just spending bitcoin where you otherwise couldn’t. Here are a few suggestions.

Purse logo Offers Bitcoin Discounts

Maybe a $1,300+ bonus on your bitcoin in one year isn’t enough.’s big selling point is 5-15 percent discount on purchases. And you can buy pretty much anything on Amazon. Purse claims there’s $10 million worth of goods you can buy through them with bitcoin — just deposit bitcoin into a Purse wallet and trade them for gift card codes.

egifter cards

eGifter Has Cards for Nearly Everything

eGifter has been selling gift cards for bitcoin longer than nearly everyone — since 2013. The company now offers gift card codes for over 200 retailers in all the main categories. That includes eBay, which makes the range of gifts your mother could buy herself almost limitless. There are no fees, and customers earn loyalty points for bitcoin trades. And while it probably won’t impress your mom, the company also offers bulk and corporate gift card deals.


So Does Gyft

There’s a very similar deal at Gyft. In fact, it’s pretty much the same deal. Like eGifter, Gyft has been around for over three years, has a mobile app and gift cards/codes for over 200 merchants. You can (indirectly) buy anything from clothing to restaurant meals and travel. Both Gyft and eGifter have remained dedicated to Bitcoin for over three years now, where others have fallen away, gone out of business or decided to tone down the Bitcoin angle. We recommend showing loyalty to the companies that have stayed loyal to cryptocurrency for a long period of time.

shift debit card

Bitcoin Debit Cards

If for some reason the three options above can’t sell you want you want, there are plenty of VISA debit card options that let you “spend” bitcoin anywhere VISA is accepted. If you’re signing up your mother, many of them will let you charge a card with $1000-2000 worth of value without any sort of ID procedure. A few options off the top of our heads include Coinbase’s Shift card, Xapo, Uquid, Wirex and Shake. If you’re riding the current altcoin wave, some allow funding with cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin.

There are several online comparison sites to check conditions, fees, and other advantages and disadvantages with each option. Here’s one here. However one major deal-killer on debit cards is (other than Coinbase) most aren’t available to U.S. residents. It’s one of the world’s key economic advantages to not being American — if not particularly helpful for U.S. Mother’s Day.

Jaxx wallet screenshot ETH

Or… Just Give Bitcoin Itself

OK, so it’s not the most heartfelt-sounding present in the world. But if you feel Bitcoin is a kind of secret knowledge that has already delivered so much, why not share it? Also, you never know — that bitcoin you were about to spend on gift cards today could be worth even more come Sunday and beyond.

Do you have confidence that bitcoin will be worth even more in a year’s time. Download your mother a mobile wallet and send some bitcoin to it right in front of her eyes. We have a guide to those as well. Remember, many bitcoiners were first converted when they watched the numbers change on their first live transaction.

Will you be using bitcoin this Mother’s Day? How? Let us know in the comments.

Images via Pixabay, Purse, eGifter, Gyft, Shift, Jaxx

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