Monday, December 5, 2022

The Tourism Industry in Malta Is Going Strictly Bitcoin

The Tourism Industry in Malta Is Going Strictly Bitcoin

Malta may soon become a hub of Bitcoin activity now that tourists are requesting to visit the country while only using Bitcoin. Encouraging this transition is a new travel agency called Bitcoin Adventures, a company dedicated to organizing trips in Malta for Bitcoiners.

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The Tourism Industry of the Future Is Starting in Malta

Bitcoin Adventures operates out of Gozo, one of Malta’s islands. The new company helps customers that want to pay with bitcoin organize trips to Gozo — and of course, the agency itself accepts Bitcoin exclusively.

The company started as part of a promotional effort to increase Bitcoin awareness and acceptance in Malta. In a crowdfunding trailer video, the Bitcoin Adventures founders explained why they started the project and why they believe Bitcoin is a better alternative to traditional payment methods:

“Bitcoin is better money because there is no central bank, no inflation and no transaction fee[s] involved,” said Bitcoin Adventures cofounder Leon Siegmund.

“Sending money [with bitcoin] just involves two people and a smartphone.”

Siegmund continued:

“We are trying to disrupt the status quo here. You can now book an amazing adventure holiday in Gozo and pay with bitcoin, so the local merchants get more bookings and revenue and start seeing Bitcoin as better and beautiful banking.”

The First Bitcoin Tourist: Bitcoin Is the Best Way to Travel

The Lovin Malta blog first reported on the new travel agency, actually interviewing their first customer.

Japanese infrastructural support engineer Takesho Koide and his wife became the first Bitcoin-only tourists in Malta after reaching out to Bitcoin Adventures for help in booking their trip.

Takesho Koide

Bitcoin Adventures then guided the couple through organizing a kayaking trip, followed by a 3-night stay in Gonzo — all paid for in bitcoin.

While speaking to Lovin Malta, Koide found his experience with the travel agency relatable to the wave of bitcoin acceptance happening at home in Japan.

“Bitcoin payment is becoming popular in Japan because multiple retail outlets have started to accept bitcoin payment,” he told the blog.

Koide also added that he hopes to see this trend continue, saying “if this method is applicable for my future trips, I would like to make use of it as much as possible.”

Would you book a vacation using only bitcoin? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Images via The Telegraph, Lovin Malta 

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