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TriForce Tokens Developing Own Blockchain for Better Gaming

Taking the gaming industry by storm, TriForce Tokens has radically changed the industry’s landscape. Offering a shorter distribution route, anti-piracy measures, built in tokens of value and interactive methods to keep players and developers engaged, the blockchain gaming platform is disrupting the multi billion dollar market.

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Custom Blockchain

Gaining traction within the gaming community, from players and developers alike, the platform is all about eliminating inefficiencies, improving interaction and connecting people from all over the industry. As such, blockchain technology is the perfect answer. However, the current ecosystem of TriForce Tokens is based on the Ethereum mainnet. This means that no matter how better the whole platform is, it is ultimately bound by the limits of the Ethereum system itself.

Anticipating this in advance, the TriForce Tokens development team is already working on an independent blockchain ecosystem that will be fine-tuned for the gaming sector. The TriForce Tokens blockchain will be far more secure, faster and ultimately better than the current one:

  • Based Off Lisk: Lisk is a blockchain ecosystem that best suited for the gaming sector with its higher transactional speed and improved security. As such, the TriForce Blockchain will be a fork of Lisk.
  • Fee Free: Transactions within the TriForce Blockchain will be free of any transaction fee, with players exchanging and spending the tokens without worry of the cost involved.
  • JavaScript Based: JavaScript is one of the most used coding language for games. With native support for the programming language, game developers will be at ease to deploy their games on the platform.
  • PoP and PoS Hybrid: Using a combination of Proof of Play and Proof of Stake, the platform will allow players to take part in consensus by staking and playing games, giving power to the people.
  • 3rd Party dApps: With JavaScript support, developers can easily deploy decentralized apps on the platform.
  • Non-Fungible Tokens: With specialized tokens that represent a unique asset that cannot be replicated, non-fungible tokens will also be available on the platform for games where items or assets are required that are unique.

The TriForce Tokens team is actively working on the platform’s own blockchain. A testnet release is expected in the start of 2019, with a public mainnet deployed in the summer. The deployment of the blockchain will also mean native tokens, which will be swapped with a 1:1 ratio with the currently used ERC20 compliant FORCE tokens.

About TriForce Tokens

TriForce Tokens is changing how the gaming industry interacts with all the stakeholders forever. The blockchain platform eliminates intermediaries, especially the distribution channels and connects developers directly with gamers. Apart from the monetary benefit to both sides (through direct sales, piracy combat and cheaper titles on the market), the community interaction means gamers and game developers are able to interact directly, leading to better games and a higher player retention. The platform has already released successful titles, such as Eximius, a RTS and FPS team dominance game.

For more information on the blockchain gaming platform, visit their website:

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