Ubitquity Launches Funding Round on SeedInvest Crowdfunding Platform

Ubitquity Launches Funding Round on SeedInvest Crowdfunding Platform

Enterprise-ready blockchain recordkeeping platform Ubitquity has announced it will hold a fundraising round on crowdfunding platform SeedInvest. In choosing SeedInvest over an ICO, Ubitquity expects a greater chance of success and less pressure from regulators, as the crowdfunding platform is compliant with US financial regulations.

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Ubitquity Seeks New Funding to Secure Continued Success

According to its website, Ubitquity is a self-funded startup with paying clients. The company has never held an ICO, and has no plans to because of the regulatory and reputational risks associated with that fundraising method.

This funding round is aimed at securing money for investment in the company’s continued success. With Ubitquity pilots running around the world, and multiple corporate and government API clients, the company wants to expand its reach and client list moving forward.

Founded in 2012, SeedInvest seeks to make it easier for startups to connect with pre-vetted investors through crowdfunding, while remaining compliant with Reg CF and Reg D from Title III of the Jumpstart Our Business (JOBS) Act. The platform has proven the viability of its methods and compliance strategies, with over $100 million USD raised for more than 150 startups since its launch.

As part of the 2015 JOBS Act, Title III allows entrepreneurs to raise capital from the American public through crowdfunding. Title III expands on Title II of the JOBS Act, which allowed startups to raise funding from accredited investors online. Thus, under Title III, SeedInvest startups can raise money online from both accredited investors and public contributors.

According to Crowdfund Insider, crowdfunding enabled by Title III has been a major success. In August 2018 alone, businesses raised over $7.4 million USD from Title III crowdfunding. Since this form of fundraising became legal in 2016, startups have raised more than $135.3 million from online funding campaigns.

Ubitquity COO Sam Tannian-Reynolds told Bitsonline the company believes SeedInvest is the best choice for its upcoming funding round due to its regulatory compliance and vetted network of investors.

“We are choosing this legal method over something sketchy like an ICO,” Tannian-Reynolds said, “because, in the end, it will be more profitable to try and play by the rules and work with regulators.”

Ubitquity is still in the onboarding stage, telling Bitsonline it has already launched its crowdfunding round at SeedInvest. Interested investors are encouraged to visit Ubitquity’s crowdfunding page on the SeedInvest Website.

About Ubitquity

Founded in 2015, Ubitquity began as a blockchain-based land registry platform. It’s goal was to use blockchain technology to make real estate registration and record keeping faster, more efficient, and more secure.

Ubitquity launched the alpha version of its platform in early 2017, and in April of that year, it conducted a pilot of its platform with the Real Estate Registry office in Brazil. In January 2018, the University of British Columbia’s blockchain research program — [email protected] — released a study analyzing the results of the pilot. The study found the pilot had been a success, providing valuable information on how the platform could be improved for future use.

After the successful pilot program, Ubitquity realized its platform could be used for much more than land registration and built it into a Software-as-a-Service API. From there, the company has gained several API clients, including Oklahoma City-based AIC Title Service and Atlanta-based Coast to Coast Title.

Now, with its SeedInvest crowdfunding round on the horizon, Ubitquity has big plans for taking itself to the next level.

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