Blockchain Startup Ubitquity Secures Partnership With Coast to Coast Title

Blockchain Startup Ubitquity Secures Partnership With Coast to Coast Title

On October 17, 2018, blockchain-based real estate and title recordkeeping firm Ubitquity announced a new partnership with Coast to Coast Title. According to Ubitquity, this partnership will result in a new abstracting application, Appstract.

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Appstract: Making it Easier to Close Real Estate Deals

Ubitquity reported that Appstract will make the abstracting process more efficient for clients trying to close real estate deals. The application will integrate with Qualia Marketplace, an industry-leading title, closing and escrow platform.

Appstract will work similarly to Uber Eats, reported Ubitquity. Clients can use the app to assign tasks to abstractors and track their progress. Once a task is complete, the abstractor receives payment and the client can rate their experience.

Meanwhile, records produced by the app will be stored on a blockchain via the Ubitquity SaaS platform and API. That way, records remain secure and can be reviewed at any time. Any non-encrypted data produced by Appstract records will go into a centralized database, which is then encrypted by StorJ and IPFS.

Ubitquity property platform

Appstract will be built by both Ubitquity and Coast to Coast, a full service title and abstracting company. Ubitquity will lend its blockchain expertise, as well as its existing products, while Coast to Coast ensures the apps abstracting process works properly and efficiently.

“The abstracting process is something that is begging for innovation,” Coast to Coast CEO Chris Lusk told press.

“By partnering with Ubitquity to create Appstract, we’re bringing this process into the blockchain era.”

Ubitquity Continues Working Towards Increased Global Influence

This latest partnership comes shortly after Ubitquity announced it had stepped into the aviation industry with aircraft escrow, title search, and document filing firm AIC Title Service.

In August, the company announced AIC Title Service had hired them to build a blockchain-based system for its new Aircraft Closing Room Service. The system will run on the Ubitquity SaaS platform and API, allowing AIC to store information on the blockchain — just like Ubitquity will do for Appstract.

“After rolling out our highly successful platform to [AIC],” Ubitquity founder and CEO said, “[abstraction] is another market we are looking forward to taking on.

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