Ukrainian Police Arrest Criminals Who Kidnapped Local Miner For $50,000

Ukrainian Police Arrest Criminals Who Kidnapped Local Miner For $50,000

On November 26th, in the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv, two brothers aged 30 and 34 have tracked and kidnapped a rich bitcoin miner to obtain the keys to his apartment. They gained access to his bitcoin wallet password from him and stole $50,000 USD from the secret place in his apartment.

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The GTA-Style Ambush Begins The Burglary

The Podolsky District Prosecutor’s Office reported that the bandits were hiding near the house of the rich Ukrainian miner. When they saw him approaching the entrance, they jumped out from a bush and put a bag on the man’s head.

After forcing him into a car, the burglars brought the victim to the forests on the outskirts of town. The miner gave the two men the keys to his apartment and specified the hidden location of funds. After stealing $50,000, the burglars release the miner in the Ukrainian city of Brovary.

After the man called the police, Kyiv detectives began investigating and quickly arrested the suspects. The two brothers were served with charges of planning an assault with the intent to rob, and also for breaking into the man’s apartment. The local court has already received a request to put the criminals in prison. According to the law, robbery attracts an eight to 15-year jail term, along with asset seizure.


Not the First Time in Kyiv

On December 26th, 2017, EXMO LLP managing director Pavel Lerner was paying a visit to the capital of Ukraine. The notable specialist in IT and blockchain from Russia was walking along the street when three men in a car showed up and took him by force.

His relatives have paid a $1-2 million ransom (the exact sum of the ransom is unknown and different sources suggest different amounts). Lerner told the police that the criminals said they were government agents. After quickly packing him into a minivan, they delivered Lerner to their secret hideout. The ransom was paid in bitcoin, and he was then released. Bitcoin’s relative anonymity often helps criminals evade law enforcement.

Did You Ever Hear About the Bulgarian Hackers?

On November 26th, 2018, three hackers were arrested in Bulgaria for bitcoin theft. One of the hackers is now free after paying $30,000 in bail in the local currency, the Bulgarian Lev. He will remain in the city until the hearings. Police confiscated three million dollars in cryptocurrency and a car worth $35,000, all from the hacker’s den, as well as a number of storage devices and notebooks used for hacking.

According to the police, they have received a lot of complaints about bitcoin theft from locals. A five-month investigation led to the arrest of three men who used sophisticated software to obtain the passwords of bitcoin user wallets and local cryptocurrency exchange admin panels. When inside, the group stole private keys from wealthy wallets.

At the beginning of 2018, the Bulgarian government established cooperation with Europol, Eurojust, and the German police to intercept OneCoin’s scam activities in the country.

Can criminals gain access to your coins in the case of a kidnapping? Review your security measures and… be careful on the 26th of every month.

Images by Jeff Fawkes, Pixabay

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