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New University Club Seeks to Get Students Involved in Crypto

A student club at UW Bothell is working to grow interest in cryptocurrency among local students. Club organizers have been handing out “free wallets” of the crypto dogecoin, and up to 88 students have already signed up.

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Young People Need to Get with It

Known as the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Club at the University of Washington, Bothell, the organization’s leaders held their first official meeting in the school’s courtyard last Wednesday, May 9th, to explain to members what the group and cryptocurrency was all about.

Club president Zach Nelson, a 20-year-old sophomore, is a media and communications major from Seattle. He says he first became interested in cryptocurrencies in 2011. He bought bitcoin when it was about $12 USD, as well as small stashes of ether, litecoin, and a few other forms of digital currency.

“If I had ‘hodl-ed’ – which is ‘hold on for dear life’ – that’s what they say in crypto, if you never sell – I would have had about $1.5 million, but that’s OK,” he claims. “I still made some. I’m not going to give the exact amount. No regrets. I can always make more money.”

Blockchain – You Got to Love It

Nelson says that the club’s focus is on blockchain technology, rather than individual forms of crypto. He’s fascinated by its benefits and the fact that it can be applied to so many different platforms.

“It’s not an investment club,” Nelson says of his organization. “The technology behind blockchain is really the most valuable thing. Blockchain is an all-purpose ledger tool. It can be used for many things – supply chain management, keeping inventory better, for voting and for securing transactions.”

Already, the club’s organizers have met with several local startups and businesses to develop curriculum, internships, and scholarships for individuals looking to pursue careers and positions in blockchain technology. The club will also compete in a campus hackathon and host a talk by an algorithmic trading expert.

“This is a budding industry,” affirms Nelson. “It has a super long way to go. It’s new. Give it 100 years.”

Get Rich, But Stay Smart

Nelson’s co-founder, Anthony Waddell, is a 26-year-old junior, and is looking to carve out a career in blockchain engineering. He’s hoping he can get rich enough on his crypto collection to pay off his student loans in the future.

“I got started because I watched my friends make a lot of money,” he explained. “I have made money in cryptocurrency. Like most people, I will not say how much. I plan to keep holding and buy more and walk out of college with no student loans.”

A new study shows that young people are highly intrigued by cryptocurrencies, but are also the most vulnerable to the market’s volatility due to their lack of investing knowledge and experience.

Will we see more clubs like this in the future? Post your comments below.

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