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Where Can I Use Bitcoin? How to Shop, Spend, or Save

Where Can I Use Bitcoin? How to Shop, Spend, or Save

Many people say they only understood the true promise of bitcoin after using it themselves for the first time, and seeing how easy it was. Now you’ve got your first coins, where do you spend them? Where else can you use bitcoin?

You Can Use Bitcoin for Almost Anything

Online stores are a great place to try your first bitcoin purchase. Retailers like Overstock and Newegg were bitcoin-accepting pioneers and offer a wide variety of products. For gaming and online services, Green Man Gaming, CJS-CDKeys and Namecheap all accept BTC payments.

If you want to spend just a small amount to test your wallet, and publicly declare your love for Bitcoin at the same time, grab BTC apparel at BTCTrinkets or the Bitcoin T-shirt store.

Check out Coinmap for a list of bitcoin-accepting businesses in your local area. It’s not always up-to-date though, so we recommend confirming with staff before you buy or eat anything.

Book a trip anywhere in the world with the surprising number of travel sites that accept bitcoin. They include Expedia, CheapAir and Destinia.

Third-party stores like offer a means to use bitcoin indirectly on sites like Amazon. Gyft and eGifter sell a variety of store gift cards for BTC. Purse even offers discounts to bitcoin users.

Take a look at the top end too, to see what’s possible — BitPremier sells real estate, cars, art and luxury goods, all for bitcoin.

If you’re really into all forms of sound money, you can use bitcoin to buy precious metals at places like Vaultoro, Veldt Gold and Amagi Metals.

Bitcoin debit cards have become popular in recent years as a convenient way to spend bitcoin anywhere. These allow you to fund a VISA Debit card directly from your bitcoin balance, either at the time of purchase or with a pre-funded amount. US residents have Coinbase’s Shift card, while non-US residents have a wider variety, including Xapo and Shake. Many cards also support digital currencies other than bitcoin.

Saving, Trading and Gambling

Now, you may not want to spend your bitcoins at all. Many save everything they have in the hope it’ll be worth a lot more in the future. They might be right, but this doesn’t do much to build a bitcoin economy.

Bitcoin is still most popular with traders and currency exchange speculators. Think you know what’s about to rise or fall in price? Most exchanges will trade BTC for your local fiat currency, while others offer the full range of altcoins. Please also see our section on investing in altcoins, and remember it’s never a good idea to leave large bitcoin balances on online exchanges.

Maybe you like to gamble more overtly — while online gambling is illegal for US residents, many sites accept bitcoin-only. There are plenty of options, but we’ll leave it to you to search for bitcoin casinos and dice games.

Where do you use bitcoin? Do you have any other suggestions? We’d love to hear them.

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