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VOISE Blockchain Music Streaming Service About to Launch Alpha

VOISE Blockchain Music Streaming Service About to Launch Alpha

Bitcoin Press ReleaseBlockchain music company VOISE is excited to announce a date for the launch of its full alpha version of a decentralized platform for downloading and streaming music from global artists. Timed for October 18 after a successful tokenswap, VOISE has already been well received by renowned independent artists, such as Grammy-nominated Carolyn Malachi and DJ sensation Jinco.

October 5, 2017 Barcelona, Spain – Decentralized music pioneer VOISE is close approaching the launch of its eagerly awaited platform, with an Alpha version set to launch on October 18 with ready-to-test features sure to please music fans and artists. After successfully reconciling its recent coinswap, VOISE tokens will expand its listing on major exchanges as preliminary work on the platform continues. VOISE will be listed on one of the top 10 exchanges in terms of volume within the next week.

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The global music industry and the Internet

Last year, the global music industry collectively breathed a huge sigh of relief. After almost two decades of steadily declining revenue from album sales, largely due to piracy and falling prices, the industry finally caught a break in 2016. Multiple major record labels recorded their highest profits in years despite the continuing trend of falling CD sales – thanks to online streaming.

2016 was the second consecutive year for growth of streaming revenue, and 2017 is likely to show similarly positive numbers. With more than 110 million paying subscribers online, and more labels and musicians still adapting to these new ways of consuming music, there is every reason to believe that the music industry in in rebound.

Yet some old issues remain, particularly for independent artists, who still struggle with the high costs of distribution if they do it themselves, or who are forced to accept the high commissions (between 15 to 40% of revenue generated) as a result of uploading their music to major platforms for paid downloads. It becomes even worse if artists choose a streaming service – as these take even larger cuts.

VOISE – a blockchain-based platform for music artists and listeners

VOISE believes that the heart of the problem lies in the current model of unfair distribution of revenue. Its decentralized platform addresses this directly, seeking to give all revenue generated from music content to the creators, the music artists.

Recognizing the steep learning curve of previous attempts at technically complex decentralized and blockchain-based music platforms, VOISE will also focus on simplicity. Its platform will be easy to use and will accept fiat payments, so as to provide an inclusive environment for mainstream users. VOISE will unite both crypto enthusiasts and average music consumers in their common love for music.

And now, the very first glimpse of the VOISE platform is close at hand – and a countdown has already started on the VOISE homepage. On October 18, VOISE will launch its Alpha platform that will feature a full-fledged list of features.

VOISE Alpha features for music lovers and creators

From the homepage, users will be able to directly access music, whether choosing from popular music from the top downloads, or sampling the latest clips from latest uploads. Users can also find new and old music by searching in thematic sections, categorized by favorite genres and artists.

All music purchased will also be listed in a My Collections folder for easy access. A wallet section will also be available, allowing users to deposit and withdraw either in VOISE tokens or ETH.

The VOISE Alpha platform will also host Radio DAO, a streaming service for future announcements for the VOISE community. Top artists will be promoted via Radio DAO and it will feature a unique community voting concept where users will select their favorite radio service – and share any profits obtained.

Music artists can also access the VOISE Alpha platform to upload songs and albums at their own price. Alternatively, they can set a 0 price to let users download it for free and accept donations instead.

Artists can also access a profile section to provide details of their music ad add links to social media. Fans will be able to follow and donate to their favorite artists via their profiles.

And much more down the road

The VOISE community can look forward to even more exciting developments as work continues on the music platform of the future. The successful tokenswap in September with a good rate already positions VOISE for future listings on major exchanges. VOISE tokens are gaining recognition, having been added to CoinMarketCapLivecoin and CoinExchange, with $800,000 daily trading volume and currently trading at 800 satoshis.

VOISE has also updated its development roadmap, which will see upcoming work on attracting more collaborators for the platform, building more partnerships in the music industry, an artist verification system and search engine. Recognizing South Korea as an emerging market, VOISE also has plans to reach out by creating a South Korean music community to attract investment.

It has also initiated efforts to seek partnership with the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, the world’s largest open-source blockchain alliance connecting Fortune 500 enterprises with Ethereum experts.


VOISE is a blockchain-based content distribution and monetization platform for the music industry. It introduces the multibillion-dollar global music industry to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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