Monday, December 5, 2022

‘Crypto-Confucius Say’: This Week’s Wisdoms, Brought to You by Twitter

‘Crypto-Confucius Say’: This Week’s Wisdoms, Brought to You by Twitter

The straightforward dictums of ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius are still popular for their matter-of-fact insights. To that end, there are no shortage of “Crypto-Confuciuses” on Twitter today, pundits who consistently dispense food-for-thought for denizens of the cryptocurrency space to chew on. Bitsonline highlights some of the more interesting tweets from the crypto Twittersphere this week. 

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Jameson Lopp Talks Adversarial Conditions

Adversarial conditions — having to contend with breakers, and bandits, and general bad guys (oh my!) — is par for the course for the early makers in the cryptoverse.

BitGo-turned-Casa engineer Jameson Lopp highlighted this dynamic by retweeting an article from Hugo Nguyen titled “Proof-of-Stake and the Wrong Engineering Mindset.” In it, Nguyen argues that PoS platforms like Cardano and (potentially) Ethereum “lack … resilience in dealing with worst-case scenarios.”

Via Hacker Noon.

Lopp’s attached wisdom to the retweet:

“In high stakes adversarial environments you must defend against the impossible because the impossible will happen.”

Anthony Pompliano Charges Banks with ‘Magic Trick’

Pompliano, a passionate evangelist for tokenization, never shies away from popping off a salvo against the legacy financial system.

He did so again this week in light of the news that the Bank of Montreal started blocking customer transactions related to cryptocurrency purchases:

Accordingly, Pompliano postulated:

“The greatest magic trick of our generation is when banks convince customers that the customer is still in charge of the funds deposited in the bank.”

Chris Burniske on Gaming Reputation Via Crypto

Burniske, a partner at venture capitalist play Placeholder who recently gave a talk on digital art at Blockstack Berlin, is one of the space’s leading cryptoeconomists.

On his Twitter page, you’ll find analytical tweets that convey the kind of critical thinking the ecosystem could use more of from top to bottom. One of Burniske’s most interesting tweets this week came on the topic of gaming, specifically tracking player reputations via tokens.

He noted:

“Right now, effort & reputation in games is largely stranded intra-game. With non-fungible tokens, players may soon have *fungibility of work* across the digital game sphere.”

All are points to consider from this trio.

What’s your take? Who should we be following for the best cryptocurrency punditry on Twitter? Let us know in the comments below. 

Images via Ancient Origins, Hacker Noon

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