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XAYA Announces Plans for Gaming Industry, Token Sale Launch

The video game industry is one of the world’s biggest industries, raking in $100 billion USD per year with projected growth to  $138 billion by the end of 2018. Growing alongside this market is a disruptive, new technology changing the landscape of value, exchange and transaction: the blockchain. This technology has received widespread acclaim and affords both gaming and crypto enthusiasts unique opportunities based on their passions. Building a platform for gamers that utilizes blockchain, XAYA is set to ignite even more growth for both of these industries.

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Innovation Through Experience

Formerly known as Chimera, XAYA is a custom blockchain set to change the gaming industry. The decentralized and serverless ecosystem has trained its sights on evolving the game industry by empowering both gamers and developers.

XAYA will provide gamers with true ownership of their assets underpinned by a vibrant  marketplace for sharing and trading virtual assets. With its pioneering effort in Namecoin, XAYA guarantees the safe exchange of virtual assets without human mediation.

XAYA’s simplicity can be harnessed by both seasoned and new gamers due to the team’s focus on designing and developing an intuitive and accessible platform for the creation of blockchain-based games.

XAYA Mainnet and CHI Token

XAYA went live with its mainnet on July 13 at 3 PM UTC+2 (CEST). The launch of XAYA’s mainnet is good news to the platform users, as it enables them to gain access to the game wallet for virtual assets running on XAYA’s ecosystem.

However, transactions—especially purchases made with XAYA’s intrinsic coin, CHI, will only be accessible after the successful conclusion of CHI’s main coin sale. On the other hand, participants involved in the pre-sale will receive 50 CHI each for their participation, these coins can then be used for registering their names and playing on the network.

XAYA Games

Games on XAYA can be played by anyone from anywhere in the world. The network will launch with the highly-anticipated strategy game: Treat Fighter. The game, which is a virtual world for trade, discovery, and adventure is being developed by TrickyFast Studios. Soccer Manager Crypto (SMC), the popular soccer game with several million copies downloaded already, will follow suit towards the year end.

XAYA Private and Public sales

The XAYA main sale  will roll out on the Qryptos exchange. The event will commence on August 29th and end in the middle of October following the successful completion of both its private and public pre-sales event.

You can sign up on the forums to receive free CHI to play with today.

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