Blockchain Games Platform XAYA Launches Exclusive Public Sale on Liquid

Blockchain Games Platform XAYA Launches Exclusive Public Sale on Liquid

The premier blockchain gaming platform XAYA has announced that its much-anticipated token sale is now live and will run for a maximum of five weeks exclusively on Liquid, the world’s new crypto platform for global crypto liquidity.

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Having etched blockchain history with their innovative Huntercoin blockchain gaming experiment in 2013, the team behind XAYA has ambitious plans to create a gaming ecosystem that swiftly does away with the persistent issues of the current crop of blockchain games hosted on platforms such as Ethereum. By tackling costs, speed and efficiency, XAYA will be the cost-free online gaming solution that works always in real time and can scale directly without limits.

The XAYA difference

Several unique technological developments will make this possible. Firstly, payment channels will be modified with gamification through game channels, allowing for thousands of game moves to communicate every second between any number of players at the same time, not dissimilar to Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.

The cheating scourge commonly found on gaming platforms is eliminated on XAYA with ephemeral timestamps automatically and objectively ensuring fair gameplay. Meanwhile thanks to atomic swapping, anyone can exchange cryptocurrencies, virtual assets and items across any games, safe in the knowledge that their exchanges are secured and reliable.

XAYA is a language agnostic ecosystem that gives developers the freedom to build with any language they choose, while letting them publish and propagate finished games without cost, benefiting from automated moderation.

Furthermore, emerging gameplay genres can only be found on XAYA, such as human mining, whereby players earn resources that are provably fair and scarce thanks to blockchain, while carrying actual value in the real world. Developers can also test out Decentralized Realities, which are built and changed by players without limits and can run autonomously, in the spirit of Ready Player One’s OASIS.

Tokens available only on Liquid

The new Liquid platform is built by the exchanges Quoinex and Qryptos, who together hold a daily trading volume surpassing $200 million. Barely a week old, Liquid is the future of crypto exchanges, with a prime focus on maximum liquidity, using arbitrage-like back-end processes to allow users to execute any pair with listed assets. It uses a composite of 17 major exchanges to give the best prices and eliminating margin losses among order books, while giving the option of fiat and margin trading, as well as lending and other advanced trading options.

The Liquid Market also hosts secure and liquid orchestration of Generation Events, with the first being XAYA’s. Its potential is already apparent, now ranking among the top crypto exchanges globally, with XAYA’s Market exclusivity guaranteeing significant exposure to the huge network of traders active on the platform.

The XAYA token sale

The sale of 115 million CHI will be sold for a base rate of 0.00002 BTC (2,000 satoshi) each, with the first 4 million CHI giving a 15% bonus. This is estimated to account for $10 million at Bitcoin’s currency value, with $3 million already raised in previous private and public sales.

Participants can make payments in BTC, BCH, ETH and QASH. All participants will also be given $10 in WASH by the Liquid Exchange Platform.

To learn more, visit the XAYA website or find out who their team are on LinkedIn. Connect with them on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter.

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